Week Four: Post OP

I will never stopped being amazed at how good and efficient the human body can be when it comes to healing itself. Just four weeks ago today, I was under the knife and being cut and trimmed. 10lbs of skin and over 100 sutures later I was laid up and quite out of my mind in a hospital bed. Now, I'd hazard to say I'm doing really quite well when it comes to my recovery. This has been the first week where I would say that I really feel like myself and my strength is returning finally. Being able to pick things up from the ground, carrying a 24-pack of soda, or just walking around a store for a bit are things you quickly miss when you can't do them anymore.

This week I had my last JP drain out and a checkup where the surgeon said the scarring is looking good and there is good early signs of nice body contouring. He wants me to start walking more and getting active in moving around, it pains a bit after a while of being on my feet but I understand it's good for recovery. I do still find myself really quite bloated in the thighs and legs, though it's gotten a bit better (math says I'm around 20lbs still heavier than I "should" be). Much of my steri-strip tape that was placed on during surgery is now working free, and I've been given the all clear to work the rest off after one more week of keeping it on. It's there to provide just the extra support in forming the new seems and minimizing the stress on the wounds as it tries to heal.

As for pain, yes, I still find myself in some but it's incredibly manageable. For the most part save for a few times here and there I've taken myself off prescription pain meds and now take ibphrophin through the day. Ironically, I'd say my compression clothing (especially the vest) is causing me more pain than the wounds themselves. Just the nature of squeezing your body puts stress on muscles not used to it, pressure on seemlines of the clothes and many of my wounds are sore from the constant compression on top of them. After waking up in intense pain from my back wounds, I did sleep for the first time on a nearly vertical side position! It was incredible to move the pressure off that wound and just to sleep in a position other than flat back.

I look forward to see how my recovery goes from here. In the coming weeks and months as my cuts heal and flatten I can't wait to see how my body shapes and settles into it's new form. Really curious to see how my nipple grafts turn out as well. I still hold my position that the left one is a bit far to the side, but I'll trust that things have yet to settle down. And when it comes to the brand new belly button that was created I'm really interested to see how it will heal and look. As of now it's... interesting...


  1. Andrew I so enjoy reading about your journey. And you look fantastic! I hope the rest of the healing process will go quickly!

  2. Hey man hope you'll keep updating you are a real inspiration

    1. Definitely will do! The eight weeks mark is a few days away and I plan on doing just that! Thanks for the kind words.

  3. You really look super, so glad you did this young man. I am sure you will live longer now

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