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Week Four: Post OP

I will never stopped being amazed at how good and efficient the human body can be when it comes to healing itself. Just four weeks ago today, I was under the knife and being cut and trimmed. 10lbs of skin and over 100 sutures later I was laid up and quite out of my mind in a hospital bed. Now, I'd hazard to say I'm doing really quite well when it comes to my recovery. This has been the first week where I would say that I really feel like myself and my strength is returning finally. Being able to pick things up from the ground, carrying a 24-pack of soda, or just walking around a store for a bit are things you quickly miss when you can't do them anymore. This week I had my last JP drain out and a checkup where the surgeon said the scarring is looking good and there is good early signs of nice body contouring. He wants me to start walking more and getting active in moving around, it pains a bit after a while of being on my feet but I understand it's good for recove

Week Three: Post OP

Well, this is the first true week after my operation that I actually felt like a functioning adult. That first week was pretty much just a blur, didn't really do or remember anything I did in that time. I can't say it was from pain, as my surgeon did an amazing job with pain management, but more from the exhaustion of the whole event. Second week was better, but I had felt pressured to get back to work. Looking back though I should have stayed home that week, it was a mistake to push myself that hard as my body really needed that time to recover. But thankfully that brings us up to week three. I did complete a full week of work, and made it out on my own multiple times to pick up food/items that I needed at shops. Yes, I still have a JP drain in. And yes, the scaring and incisions really don't seem to have changed much since the first week. I have a lot of tape still on my body, but my surgeon want's me to leave it there till it falls off or peels off accidentally