Week Three: Post OP

Well, this is the first true week after my operation that I actually felt like a functioning adult. That first week was pretty much just a blur, didn't really do or remember anything I did in that time. I can't say it was from pain, as my surgeon did an amazing job with pain management, but more from the exhaustion of the whole event. Second week was better, but I had felt pressured to get back to work. Looking back though I should have stayed home that week, it was a mistake to push myself that hard as my body really needed that time to recover. But thankfully that brings us up to week three. I did complete a full week of work, and made it out on my own multiple times to pick up food/items that I needed at shops.

Yes, I still have a JP drain in. And yes, the scaring and incisions really don't seem to have changed much since the first week. I have a lot of tape still on my body, but my surgeon want's me to leave it there till it falls off or peels off accidentally. He reminds me that my wounds are still really raw, my body might feel better but the cuts and changes inside are still in their early stages of recovery. So I'll take this third week with an improvement on the mental side of things.

I did not expect how intense the mental side of this procedure was going to be. The pain, discomfort and healing really takes a mental toll on you as it's always there. You go to reach for something only to have your skin pulled back like a string attached to your belly suddenly gone taunt mid reach. Constantly you are reminded of your limitations and the nagging what I call "severe discomfort" (sounds better than chronic pain on a 2-4 scale). After a while it really just takes you out and leaves you sitting there without much to think about but the recovery. So do yourself a favor, find movies and TV shows, friends, video games, and books to keep your mind occupied. This third week I actually found relief in work at times, keeping me focused on a task instead of my body.

All in all though, despite the pain, discomfort and mental struggles I am facing, I'm astounded with how well my recovery has progressed. It's just three weeks after I was sliced up and my body's skin was literally cut in half. Three weeks and I'm a fully functional and 90% independent adult. I can't give my surgeon Dr. Barry Martin and his team at Avera the credit they deserve. This life of mine is a blessing and I'm psyched to be moving forward towards my goals.


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