Enjoying your weight loss.

It’s not something you often hear people say, but I’m about to throw these words out there. It’s possible to learn to enjoy your weight loss and dieting! Please, stay with me and hold off on clicking back to that YouTube video of goofy animals you were watching. I’m not crazy. Call it stockholm syndrome or hardcore denial but it’s possible to have fun along the way and enjoy the process! Here are some tips to enjoy your work:

  • Have fun cooking your meals. Get creative and freestyle a bit. The great part about cooking is that it’s like an art (nothing like that strict science magic that is baking). Meal prepping can start to feel like your staring in your own cooking show. Who knows, you might be able to get some views if you start filming it!
  • New and exciting options are going to open up for you in clothing as you slim down. Build up lists on Amazon or other websites with styles and clothing you’d like to try. It sounds cheesy, but a 90’s shopping montage with some friends can be a blast as you reach new milestones. 
  • Set lots of smaller goals vs your one big number you are aiming for. Each one you come across give yourself a bit of a reward (NO FOOD!) They don’t have to be scale based either, NSV (non-scale victories) are worth celebrating as well. Examples can be the first person who does not know about your weight loss commenting on it, having to adjust the steering wheel in your car down, you just had to go buy a new belt as you ran out of holes. 
  • When you settle into your diet and feel comfortable with that, find a fun activity to get active with. If you have a hard time sticking to a gym, ask a friend to borrow a bike and try that out for a few weeks (that’s one activity that takes a little to burst past the uncomfortableness and pain). Look into some games of basketball with friends or finally get into that HARDCORE PARKOUR you see those YouTubers doing. Flips and tricks! 
  • Locking down your nutrients, calorie counting, body weight measurements and food hacks at restaurants can grow to be a hobby. Body hacking and tracking all your numbers and metrics can be fun in and of itself to see the data you end up collecting and building. On Top of that, growing to rely on a self made expertise of how to eat healthy at restaurants to stay on your goals when having fun becomes fun. 

When it comes down to it, you are going to be living your health conscious lifestyle for a while, and in some ways your entire life from here on out. Instead of thinking about not being able to eat whole pizzas anymore, focus on the positives and fun times you will come across. I can promise you you will find enjoyment along the way!

Question to answer down below: What were/are your favorite parts of weight loss? Did you find yourself starting to enjoy things you once hated?


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