Week Eight: Post OP

Hello Friends and Family!

Well, it's been a while since I've updated on my progress but I wanted to give my body some time to heal and show some nice progress. So far it's been eight weeks as of today since I went under the knife and got my extra skin removed after losing 250lbs of my body weight. The weight loss alone has been an insane boost to my confidence, state of mind, and health. The skin removal has just been the best buttercream frosting on that cake.

The thing I'm sure many of you want to know about first, the pain is so much better this far out. So much of the internal and stretching stress pain that I had for a while has gone or greatly faded. For the most part, the only pain I'm finding comes from the scars themselves and a handful of sutures that are starting to poke through or just under my skin on my belt line. The nipples are a zone of pain still, which is odd as they are 100% dead to any sensation when touched. Nice part about this far out though is that I've been off my pain meds for a long time. It's been ages since I've last taken a prescription med, and weeks since I've felt the need to take some ibuprofen or tylenol.

Physical activity is going great and I feel like I'm about ready to start trying to get into some home workouts. I still feel much more restricted in movement than before, but I feel like at this point I need to do some work on stretching my skin and incisions a bit. Past that, I'm just trying to keep the wounds and scars moisturized with some moisturizing creams per my surgeons suggestion.

It's great though, for the most part I feel pretty much myself again. If not more so.

They say it's three months till most of any residual pains go, and about six months till you are back to where you were before. And then we move onto the revisions. There are a few areas that my surgeon and I feel need touch-ups, which just involves him cutting wedge like shapes out of my skin to pull things together in a more localized area. Little nervous for more knife work, but it's all for the best.

Lastly, the finances have been interesting. I've long since figured out and settled what I owed out of pocket with the clinic itself (around $10,500). They have been great with setting me up on a payment plan. The insurance side of things, wow. It's been 56 days since the surgery, and insurance is still kicking claims around and I've yet to receive bills from my part of the covered procedures that were done. It's a bit mentally exhausting trying to brace yourself to pay an unknown dollar amount.

To close this out, so much love and thanks to everyone. Your support has been wonderful. You have all been my lighthouse on a troubled shore.


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